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‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Russell Hantz, Preview, Predictions

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 11:40 AM EST

russell hantzSurvivor Redemption Island airs tonight on CBS with a brand new twist on the hit show.

The new season of Survivor called Survivor: Redemption Island is set to air Wednesday night at 8PM on CBS and as I watch some of the previews it makes me wonder just how much influence the producers are now putting into the show and its outcome. Are they interested in having an interesting show where, literally, anyone could win or are they more interested in putting together a show with manufactured drama (Russell Hantz) and plenty of hot, scantily clad bodies to look at?

I mention this because I find myself thinking back to the early seasons of Survivor. These seasons were mostly made up of average everyday people. Sure, there were a few babes and a few good looking guys here and there, but mostly the people on the show were just like you and your neighbors. That was part of its appeal. Recently it seems that they are engineering the show to have more sex appeal (this season’s cast of women features one girl that is hotter than the next) and they seem interested in pushing their much hyped storylines.

The storyline I speak of is Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz. Both have been very popular past contestants. Rob seems to be a guy most people like while Hantz is the guy everyone loves to hate. This season they will start on opposite tribes. Boston Rob has said he would kick Hantz’s ass all over the island if they ever competed against each other again and they have both hinted and just burying the hatchet and forming a power alliance. Of course the producers want these guys to make it to the merge so they can face each other, or team up. They want them to make some drama and good television. That won’t happen if people are smart. If you are in the game and your tribe has to go to tribal council would you not vote Rob or Hantz off first? You know what they are capable of so there is no use in keeping them around. If both went home early all of this promotion and production would be for nothing.

So enter this season’s twist: Survivor Redemption Island. When a player is voted out they are sent to Redemption Island where they will live in the same conditions and eating the same food as the other players. There they will wait until another player is voted out. Once there are two players on Redemption Island they will compete head-to-head in a challenge. The loser goes home, the winner stays. With this in place it gives both Boston Rob and Hantz a second shot at staying in the game should they be voted out. At some point the person on Redemption Island will be allowed to rejoin the game. In addition to acting as a safety net for the two all-stars, it also adds an interesting twist to the show and could make things very interesting.

The producers of Survivor: Redemption Island has stacked it with plenty of hotties, and some interesting twists for this season. Let’s just hope it all pans out and is compelling to watch.



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