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Mick Jagger Dies: Post Grammy Death Rumors

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 11:13 AM EST

mick jagger diesMick Jagger death rumors come days after he performed at the 2011 Grammy Awards, joining the long list of celebs that have died via Twitter.

Mick Jagger dies is the latest topic on Twitter as the trend “RIP Mick Jagger” spreads like wild fire. Is he really dead? No, Mick is still very much alive but after being thrown back into the limelight during the Grammy Awards on Sunday; someone decided it would be funny to start a death rumor.

It really is quite disturbing that people would create a Mick Jagger death rumor. I mean I know the Rolling Stones front man is 67-years-old but he looked damn good for his age when performing on Sunday. For all of you beloved Jagger fans out there, there is no need to worry. He has not died and is still very much alive and well.

Once again, Mick Jagger is NOT dead; it was just some silly death rumor that some Twitter junky created. Rock on Mick, Rock On!



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