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Lance Armstrong Retires; Focuses on Family, LIVESTRONG

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 11:03 AM EST

lance armstrong retiresLance Armstrong will be hanging up his peddles and helmet as he retires from cycling.

Lance Armstrong retires is a headlines many will read in disbelief. Today the professional cyclist and Tour De France champion (7 times) will be throwing in the towel. Lance announced that his main focus will switch from cycling to his family and the LIVESTRONG cancer campaign.

For those that don’t know Lance Armstrong, the man has overcome a serious battle with cancer during his cycling career. Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer PRIOR to his 7 Tour De France wins. His dedication and perseverance lead to the creation of the LIVESTRONG cancer campaign.

We want to wish Lance Armstrong the best of luck with raising his kids, LIVESTRONG and whatever cancer research he may conduct in the years to come. It has been one hell of a ride watching you dominate the cycling world.


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