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‘The Chicago Code’ Recap: Episode 2 Officer Down!

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 5:35 PM EST

the chicago code recapThe Chicago Code aired episode 2 last night on FOX which was entitled “Hog Butcher.”

As the new episode of The Chicago Code starts up we pick up where last week left off.  New Chicago Police Superintendent Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals) just survived an assassination attempt, but her driver/assistant/bodyguard/friend Officer Antonio Betz (Manny Montana) was killed during the attack. During a slow replay of the events we learn a little more about their relationship and how he gave her his vest because he had a feeling something might happen.

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As Colvin morns, Alderman Gibbons (Delroy Lindo) makes some moves to slander Colvin in regards to her role in Betz’s death.  Betz’s mother is upset to hear that her son gave up his vest for Colvin and she is crushed when she finds out that because he broke this rule she will not be receiving death benefits from the city. At the funeral she hands Colvin legal papers. Despite what Colvin has promised her, she is suing Colvin and the city.

While Colvin puts Antonio to rest, Wysocki (Jason Clarke) and Evers (Matt Lauria) are in full pursuit of the killer. They believe that Alderman Gibbons is involved, but as they pick up clues they find that things are pointing back to the police department. They start to suspect that maybe some of the cops Colvin reassigned when she took over are holding a grudge and might be involved. As Wysocki and Evers turn their investigation towards the department they have to tread lightly.

Wysocki is starting to warm up to the kid on last night’s episode of The Chicago Code. Evers is smart and the two work well together despite the fact that Evers is a Cubs fan. Wysocki and Evers get some help from Liam (Billy Lush) the undercover cop working within the Irish mob as they move toward not just capturing the guy who killed Betz and tried to kill Colvin, but also try to figure out how Alderman Gibbons is involved. In the pilot we got the idea that Gibbons was corrupt, but we also saw him as a guy who might be helping out his constituents. It is starting to become clearer that he is completely morally bankrupt and a very dirty, evil person.

With all of this going on during last night’s Chicago Code we also get a little insight into Wysocki’s niece Vonda and her partner Issac. We learn how Issac became a cop and watch as they go against Wysocki’s warnings and track down a guy within the Irish mob who may be involved in all of this. We also learn that their relationship appears to be a lot more than just partners at work. All of this leads to them being pulled into Wysocki’s organized crime unit.

As the team digs deeper and deeper into the Betz’s murder Colvin gets a little rattled that it could actually be a cop who is responsible for this. Wysocki’s reassures her and tells her that he has her back if she will trust him. At this point she has no other choice.

It was another good episode of what is quickly becoming a great show. I actually liked this episode more than the pilot and am being drawn into the plot which may be complex, but is very compelling.

The Chicago Code airs on Monday Nights at 9PM on FOX.



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