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Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris Playboy Epidemic

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 4:01 PM EST

hugh hefnerHugh Hefner might be postponing any upcoming Playboy parties due to a health epidemic at the mansion.

Hugh Hefner is preparing to marry Playboy playmate Crystal Harris but he has quite a large problem on his hands. It turns out that the Playboy Mansion is under investigation by the Health Department after a recent health epidemic began.

Earlier this month, Hugh Hefner held a party at the famous Playboy Mansion and things did not end so well. It turns out that guests at the party suffered severe respiratory problems and the Health Department is now officially investigating. The source of the epidemic is unknown at the moment but many believe it had something to do with the Grotto or a fog machine that was on site.

Hopefully this health debacle at Playboy HQ is all cleared up in time for the Hugh Hefner – Crystal Harris wedding; we wouldn’t want the guests there coughing during the ceremony now would we?



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