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Demi Lovato Sober Chaperone, Jonas Brothers Rumors

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 1:21 PM EST

demi lovatoDemi Lovato is still the topic in many post rehab rumors such as the one where she is dating Joe Jonas again.

Demi Lovato dating Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers) is just another rumor started about the poor Disney star, post rehab. Somebody made up a lie that Joe was actually cheating on Ashley Greene with Demi. This is completely false as the Jonas-Greene couple is doing just fine and is very happy together. Another Demi Lovato rumor is that she needs a sober chaperone to follow her everywhere she goes; also untrue.

I don’t think you all realize this but Demi Lovato just went through a pretty rough time in rehab. She chose to better herself by seeking treatment and now she is trying to get her life going again. Making up stupid ass rumors about her are surely not going to help. Yes, I know Demi and Joe Jonas were an item at one point but that is in the past. There is no need to re-open old wounds.

As for the whole sober chaperone rumor, that one doesn’t even make sense. Demi Lovato didn’t enter rehab for a drug/alcohol addiction. Much like the Joe Jonas cheating on Ashley Greene with Demi rumor, the sober chaperone one is also false!

We hope to see you get back to work soon Demi!



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