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Survivor Redemption Island: 2011 Season Countdown, Preview!

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 11:46 AM EST

survivor redemption islandSurvivor Redemption Island 2011 season countdown.

Survivor returns to the air this Wednesday, February 16th at 8PM on CBS and it could be a very interesting season. Jeff Probst will return as the host and they have some interesting ideas with Survivor Redemption Island to mix things up a little.

It feels like – at least to me – it was just the other day we were watching Fabio go from being this goofy kind of surfer kid to winning the million, but it is that time of year again and another season of Survivor is upon us. This season is called Survivor: Redemption Island and it has two big changes from the previous season (or for that matter any season) that make it stand out. First off there will be a previous all-star Survivor cast member with each tribe. As per normal the game will start with two tribes, but this time each tribe will have a very familiar face in it. One tribe will have Boston Rob and the other will have everyone’s favorite villain Russell Hantz. I would guess that the producers want Boston Rob and Russell to continue their rivalry and eventually face each other, but for that to happen they will both have to make it to the merge and there is no guarantee that the tribes won’t vote them out long before that.

In addition to the all-stars there is also Redemption Island. When a player is voted out of the game instead of leaving the game they are sent to the Survivor Redemption Island where they will live on their own surviving on the same type of food the regular tribes are living on. When the next person is voted out they go to Redemption Island where they will face off with the person who is already there in a head-to-head challenge. The winner of the challenge stays on Redemption Island while the loser is sent home for good. At some point in the game the person left standing on Redemption Island will be brought back into the game. This adds a whole new interesting twist because once someone is voted out they may not truly be gone. This could cause some serious hard feelings and create some great drama.

As per normal this season of Survivor also has its share of babes including Ashley Underwood who has competed in the Miss USA competition, Andrea a cute girl who can juggle and loves outdoor adventures, Natalie a professional dancer, Stephanie a feisty waitress, Francesca a yoga loving attorney and Krista a Pharmaceutical Rep who is the former head cheerleader of Auburn University. I’m sure the Survivor producers will find plenty of ways and reasons to get these good looking ladies into bikinis and into the water.

With plenty of new twists, potential drama, all-star guests and a lot of eye candy, this looks like it is shaping up to be a potentially very good season of Survivor: Redemption Island.



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