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Kourtney and Kim Take New York Recap: Kim Kardashian’s Australian Sex

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 11:21 AM EST

kim kardashian shengoKourtney & Kim Take New York aired with hits third episode Sunday night on E!

The lovely sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian returned this week with a brand new episode of their new reality show Kourtney & Kim Take New York. In episode 3, we see more of the infamous douche Scott Disick who is lucky to be the father of a Kardashian baby; talk about a gold mine. I will also discuss Kim K and her hook up with the Australian body guard Shengo Deane.

Ok, so this week we see a little more of Scott Disick without Kourtney Kardashian, hanging out with his boss and mentor Keith, discussing his plans for the future. Scott is trying to hang with the big boys and shows it by picking up a $3500 dinner check followed closely by a trip to the Rolls Royce dealership where Keith’s associate “the Gooch” calls Scott a pussy for saying he thinks he should talk to Kourtney before spending a mere $270,000 on a car. The wrath of Kourtney doesn’t seem to concern Scott because he signs on the line and brings home a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost.

Unimpressed and a little pissed off Kourtney refuses to go to lunch in it. While arguing, Scott claims he isn’t just some “superficial asshole”, I can’t even believe he got this sentence out of his mouth without laughing. Anyway, he ends up returning the car; I guess we DO know who wears the pants in this relationship.

While all this is going on Kim Kardashian reconnects with Shengo her super sexy Australian ex-bodyguard. When Kim tells Kourtney she is meeting him for dinner, Kourtney warns her to not fall into another relationship so quickly. Kim acts as though she doesn’t know what Kourtney is talking about. Well, the rest of us do. Kourtney is absolutely right when she says that anyone Kim kisses automatically becomes her boyfriend. Kim laughs this off saying she is single in the city and just having dinner.  Ok Kim, let’s see how “dinner” went: Shingo and Kim have dinner, she invites him back to see her place, they are kissing, Shengo is shirtless and the camera crew gets shut out with window blinds. Helluva dinner.

Oh, and Kim Kardashian says “he just spent the night” after he does The Walk of Shame in the middle of a DASH business meeting still wet from his shower. Really? Puh-lease tell me you are not trying to say that you didn’t have sex, because nobody believes it. Apparently he made quite an impression because they go out again to play pool and she decides to go “check out Shengo’s place.” Having a meal with Kourtney Kardashian the next day, Kim admits she is really starting to like Shingo. Surprise, surprise! Kourtney knew this was coming and is sure Kim is planning their Australian wedding in her head. It will be interesting to see how many guys Kim has “sleepovers” with before they leave New York.



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