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Janice Dickinson Thinks Lady Gaga is a Idiot

Posted by on August 24, 2010 at 9:43 PM EST

janice-dickinsonSupermodel Janice Dickinson is not fan of Lady Gaga and she wants the world to know it.

Janice Dickinson, who lays claim to being the world’s first “supermodel” recently lashed out at Lady Gaga over Gaga’s admission that she occasionally uses drugs. Gaga’s admission came in a Vanity Fair article where she reveled that she does occasionally use drugs including cocaine. “I won’t lie; it’s occasional,” she says. “And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.” She is quoted as saying.

Janice Dickinson has struck back saying: “As a recovering addict who knows how dangerous occasional use is, I can think of no reason for Gaga to reveal this to her young audience. She is a fucking idiot. The way she mentioned cocaine, I think she should really get spanked. You can damage and hurt kids. I’m appalled.” Dickinson first rose to fame in the 1980’s when she graced the covers of just about every major fashion and style magazine as well as modeling for most of the world’s top designers. She claims to have coined the phrase “supermodel” in 1979 and considers herself to be the first in what would be a long line of supermodels. Dickinson, now 55, has recently started in reality shows including America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks, The Surreal Life and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

Her feud with Gaga comes at a time when Lady Gaga could not be hotter. With a mufti-platinum album still on the charts and a sold out arena tour going full steam ahead despite the lagging economy which has shortened and destroyed other concert tours. Dickinson has even said of Gaga’s music, “Her music is like elevator music, as far as I’m concerned. All the gays are looking for something new.” This leads to speculation that maybe Dickinson is simply doing what she seems to do best; say and act in an outrageous manner and get herself some much sought after attention. One could speculate that Dickinson used being outrageous to her benefit in the past and is now unhappy seeing someone else using that formula to even greater success.

Whether Janice Dickinson is genuinely concerned about kids getting the wrong message from Lady Gaga or if she is simply trying to get her name in the headlines next to one of the hottest stars in the world, only she knows.

Lady Gaga has not made a public statement about Dickinson’s criticisms.



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  1. Janice obviously only heard what she wanted and did not read the article when gaga said she DID NOT want her fans to do anything like that..EVER! Gaga loves her little monsters and would never encourage them to do somwthing as vile as drugs, ..she just wants attention. Leave mother monster alone! …litte monster <3

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