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Esperanza Spalding Best New Artist 2011 Grammy Award Winner

Posted by on February 14, 2011 at 7:40 PM EST

esperanza spalding grammy awardsEsperanza Spalding beats Justin Bieber for 2011 Best New Artist Grammy.

If you are like me, and I am sure millions of other viewers, you found yourself watching the Grammy Awards last night and asking yourself, “Who the hell is Esperanza Spalding and how did she just kick Justin Bieber’s a%$?” Hopefully this will help shed some light on who she is and how she won Best New Artist.

Esperanza Spalding is a jazz singer who also plays the upright base. She is often seen with a wild, afro-like, hair style and she is 26, pretty and has a soulful, interesting voice.

While she may not be a household name she has played at the White House, performed with Stevie Wonder and Prince requested her by name to perform at his 2010 BET Awards Tribute. Now that she is a Grammy Award winner for Best New Artists two things are certain: 1. Her life is about to take a very dramatic change. 2. She is about to feel the wrath of Bieber nation. She is already feeling the Justin Bieber wrath as his fans attack her on Twitter and Facebook. They also got into her Wikipedia page and changed her middle name to Quesadilla. The anger towards her from Bieber nation will die off and return to Selena Gomez soon enough. In the meantime Esperanza Spalding’s life is about to change. Think Norah Jones. Her debut album Come Away with Me was doing decent on the charts. She was then won five Grammy’s and the record went on to sell more than 22 million copies worldwide. Jones went from being a somewhat unknown singer to being a superstar within a matter of months.  Spalding may find herself in that situation.

Whatever her future may bring, Spalding is suddenly music’s it girl and most of us know nothing about her. As it turns out her hair is all real and she gets star struck when she sees and meets people she admires. She also doesn’t own a TV, but is a big 30 Rock fan. She is traveling overseas a lot for her career so she takes her laptop and gets online to stay up with the show. She isn’t a fan of Twitter because she prefers to hear a person’s voice or write them a letter the old fashioned way.

Spalding also says that she feels female musicians must take responsibility for themselves and avoid over-sexualizing themselves. She wants to be judged on her music and ability to play it, not her looks. The Grammys is not her first brush with big fame. Back in February of 2010 she became the most search person on Google for a short time after she appeared on the PBS show Austin City Limits. I have a feeling the rush of fresh publicity she is going to get after winning this Grammy won’t die off after a handful of hours.

Esperanza Spalding got her official invite to party of fame and fortune last night. Now we will see just what she does with it. She clearly has the talent to ride the wave, but it is how well she can play the games that come with that wave that may ultimately determine the level of her success.

Congrats on the win Esperanza. You shocked the world and made millions of Bieber fans cry and for that we salute you!



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