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Justin Bieber Snubbed at 2011 Grammy Awards

Posted by on February 14, 2011 at 11:05 AM EST

justin bieber grammy awardsJustin Bieber was snubbed at the 2011 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist.

Justin Bieber performed last night with Usher at the 2011 Grammy Awards and looked like he was having a blast. However, when it came time to announce the winner of the Best New Artist Grammy, Biebs face quickly turned to disbelief. The Canadian superstar did not win, instead Esperanza Spalding won; who knows who she is?

As much as I despise Justin Bieber I really feel bad for the kid. I honestly think he thought he was going to win Best New Artist hands down. Judging from the poll I put up, all of you did too. Just who is this girl, Esperanza Spalding that stole Bieber’s Grammy Award? Spalding is a jazz bassist/singer and is 26-years-old. She currently has three solo albums out and that’s about it. I am just as baffled as all of the Bieber Fever fans who took to her Wikipedia page with hatred.

Justin Bieber commented on the loss and said he was disappointed but will be back next year. As for Esperanza Spalding, I want to wish her congratulations on her victory as Best New Artist at the 2011 Grammy Awards.



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