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Charlie Sheen News: Baseball, Drugs, Rehab

Posted by on February 11, 2011 at 6:01 PM EST

charlie sheen wild thingWILD THING! Charlie Sheen takes the pitcher’s mound to deliver drug speech.

Charlie Sheen aka Wild Thing Vaughn (Major League) visited the UCLA baseball team yesterday, took some batting practice, met some former UCLA players who went on to be stars in the major leagues and at the coach’s request gave an anti-drug speech. Yes, you read that correctly. The head coach of the UCLA baseball team asked the guy whose hit show is currently shut down because he has done too much cocaine and too many pornstars to speak about the evils of drugs.

Prior to the speech, Charlie Sheen, who is known to be an avid baseball fan, met the team and also met up with former UCLA stars turned pro stars Coco Crisp, Eric Davis, Brandon Watson and Milton Bradley. Sheen brought his own bat and stepped into the cage for a little batting practice where he reportedly nearly hit a home run.

After showing off his skills in the batting cage the embattled actor then hung out with the team, shook hand and took pictures. Head coach John Savage asked Sheen if he would talk to the team about drug abuse. Charlie agreed and as the team clapped and looked on he said, “Great job out there. Stay off the crack. Drink chocolate milk. Enjoy every moment. That’s all I got.” His remarks drew a few laughs and a round of applause.

Charlie Sheen looks pretty good in the clip and is wearing a Cleveland Indians cap. I don’t know if that is a nod to his character Wild Thing Vaughn from his hit movie Major League or if he is an actual Indians fan.  Regardless of what he is wearing, here’s to hoping Sheen can get himself straight and keep himself together. He is a talented guy and it is a shame to see him waste that.



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