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Lady Gaga Reigns Supreme On Twitter Over Britney Spears

Posted by on August 24, 2010 at 3:41 PM EST

lady gaga twitterLady Gaga reigns supreme on the social networking site Twitter over Britney Spears for the number 1 spot.

The oddball, envelope pushing, pop sensation, Lady Gaga, has a new title to add to her repertoire. Gaga has been crowned as the queen of Twitter, after she surpassed the trailer-park princess herself, Britney Spears. Lady Gaga is now the most followed person on Twitter, totaling around 5,784,221 followers last time that I checked.

Britney Spears, while she may have been passed up, is still nipping at the heels of Lady Gaga with 5,719,001 followers on her Twitter account.

Pretty soon I am sure there will be Team Britney and Team Gaga shirt made up as the ongoing Twitter Tweet Queen battle progresses. I’d have to say that I would side with Team Britney because I still have flashbacks to her music video when she was dressed up like a slutty schoolgirl. That my friends beats Lady Gaga’s bizarre ass outfits any day of the week.

Supposedly both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are in a special Twitter club in which all members have surpassed 5 million followers. In addition to Gaga and Spears, actor Ashton Kutcher and comedian/TV host Ellen DeGeneres are also members of the 5-million+ followers club.

Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to “tweet” short messages to their friends, fans and family. Celebrities have grown extremely fond of Twitter and use it as a way to get in touch with fans and ultimately market themselves. On top of celebrities and athletes, big corporations and political figures to aid in marketing and campaigns have used Twitter.

Help Lady Gaga keep her title as Twitter Queen by following her on Twitter.

Support to the original pop princess Britney Spears by following her on Twitter.



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