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Lady Gaga: YouTube “Born This Way” Single Promo [VIDEO]

Posted by on February 11, 2011 at 11:57 AM EST

lady gaga born this way promoLady Gaga’s “Born This Way” dropped today and there is already a YouTube prom for the single.

Lady Gaga Born This Way” has officially been released and Gaga is already promoting it via YouTube. If the Twitter buzz leading up to the Gaga release wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga has a promo ad in place to promo the release of her new Born This Way single. Despite all of the negative feedback that it sounds like Madonna – Express Yourself, the Gaga takeover has begun!

Little Monsters rejoice as the Lady Gaga – Born This Way single is officially here. I wrote earlier that people were comparing it to Madonna – Express Yourself but I don’t think that will stop Gaga. In an effort to further promote her single (not like it needs any help) there has been a YouTube ad released.

Read the full story on the comparison between Madonna and Lady Gaga here.

Enjoy the Lady Gaga – Born This Way single promo ad:



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