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Top Chef All Stars Recap: Happy Birthday Jimmy Fallon

Posted by on February 11, 2011 at 11:28 AM EST

top chef fabio vivianiTop Chef All Stars took to the Late Night scene as they fed Jimmy Fallon on his Birthday.

Before we talk about this week’s episode of Top Chef All Stars I want to ask, what is with these strange Quick Fire/Elimination Challenge combinations? I seem to remember in the past they correlated to each other and now we have fondue and cooking one of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite dishes for his birthday lunch. But, I digress, this week in the Quick Fire Challenge, Dale walked away with a three day trip to Napa for his fondue. Padma Lakshmi also explained that immunity would no longer be on the table for the rest of the competition.

The Top Chefs were paired up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to play a round of Cell Phone Shootout, determining which one of Jimmy’s favorite dishes they would be cooking. Jimmy Fallon, his family, and the judges sat down to lunch at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Colicchio & Sons for the meal. Who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon? He is funny, and genuinely a nice guy.

At the Top Chef All Stars judge’s table, the top three dishes belonged to Antonia, Angelo and Carla. Carla scored her third win and a trip to Tokyo with her Chicken Pot Pie. I like Carla, I would love for her to take the whole thing home, she gets so excited and I can’t help but love her. These top three also debuted their “Beef Tongue Song”, created after the dish Antonia made for Jimmy. Then the judges spoke with the worst three, Dale (too salty), Fabio (bad cheese sauce), and Tiffany (dumplings no good). Poor Jimmy was distressed over having to send someone home. Luckily, he doesn’t have to actually have to announce the loser, that’s Padma’s gig.  At the end of this episode Padma Lakshmi had to tell Fabio to pack his knives and go. Fabio is a fan favorite with a great personality but this season he has not stood out very much his cooking. And with this, the Fabio/Richie Blaise bromance is over. For now.

Next week it looks like the Top chefs will be creating dishes for some residents of Sesame Street. Does the Cookie Monster eat anything else BUT cookies? To find out watch Top Chef All Stars next Wednesday on Bravo 10/9c.



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  1. Paula Deen is the guest judge tonight, the muppets from Sesame Street are making an appearence and… Looks like a New Bromance is Brewing on Top Chef All Stars! Are we witnessing True Brotherly Love?

    I looove Top Chef!!

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