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Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Sex Tape Rumors Are Flying

Posted by on August 24, 2010 at 12:31 AM EST


Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Sex Tape Rumors Are Flying

Rumors continue to swell about the existence of a sex tape featuring The Hills star Heidi Montag. Heidi’s husband Spencer Pratt has released a statement confirming that there is a sex tape that features Heidi before and after all of her recent plastic surgeries. Pratt, “Promises you the Citizen Kane of sex tapes. Honestly, Orson Wells makes a guest appearance,” and added later via Twitter that he “Recommends you wait for the Special Edition Sex Tape. Blu-Ray, director’s commentary, and bloopers!

Montag, who at first remained silent on the existence of the sex tape, has now taken to her Twitter account as she mounts attacks against Pratt.

The Rome of The Hills has crumbled. It wasn’t that long ago that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were married and were the stars of the highly rated MTV reality show. They proclaimed themselves the perfect couple and Montag, already known for her great looks, set out to turn herself into a living Barbie doll for her husband. After at least thirteen plastic surgeries, Montag went from being a pretty girl with a great body to a person some tabloids have taken to referring to FrankeHeidi. Her breasts are clearly too big for her small frame and her face now seems to be incapable of any expression other than a blank, vacant stare. It wasn’t long after these surgeries that she and Pratt began to fall apart.

As The Hills came to an end so did Montag and Pratt’s relationship. What many thought to be a coy publicity stunt has now take a wide turn as Pratt has began shopping the Heidi Montag sex tape. The first words about the tapes contents were that it contained Heidi in various forms of undress, fully nude and having sex. As more details are revealed it now sounds as if the tape is very hardcore and even contains a lesbian scene with Playboy model Karissa Shannon.

Vivid Entertainment, the group behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape and the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape are in talks with Pratt to release the tape.

I guess this just goes to show what happens when a person’s fifteen minutes of fame run out and the threat of having to get a real job looms.



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