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Lady Gaga Born This Way vs. Madonna Express Yourself [POLL]

Posted by on February 11, 2011 at 10:08 AM EST

madonnaThe highly anticipated “Born This Way” single by Lady Gaga dropped and it’s pretty much a ripff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

Lady Gaga has had millions of fans eagerly awaiting the release of her “Born This Way” single and its finally here. Does it live up to all this hype that Perez Hilton has been giving it? Nope. Lady Gaga simply ripped off Madonna’s “Express Yourself” song and tweaked it a little bit…not for the better either. I do recall Perez saying that this album would be very much like Madonna and now I know why.

I am curious to know how all of you Lady Gaga fans out there feel about the “Born This Way” single that dropped today. Are you disappointed or do you like it? I know one thing is for certain, it has sparked a single increase in downloads for Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Hell even Twitter junkies have taken to their tweets and made Express Yourself a trend as they share their disappointment that all Gaga did was copy Madonna.

Here is the Lady Gaga – Born This Way single for you all to listen to:

Now compare that to Madonna – Express yourself and listen to the similarities:

What are your thoughts on Gaga’s new single?

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