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TV Ratings: Mr. Sunshine, Live To Dance, American Idol

Posted by on February 10, 2011 at 5:10 PM EST

mr sunshine ratingsMr. Sunshine debuted with some amazing ratings while American Idol went up in ratings from last week and Live To Dance aired its final winner with decent ratings.

Last night was a good night for more than just those select few who won a golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol. I’ll get to American Idol in a minute, but first let’s talk about the Live To Dance winner and Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine.

For those who can’t remember, Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing on the smash hit show Friends and like pretty much every other Friend’s star save Jennifer Aniston who has gone on to make movies, he has struggled to find projects that are good and catch the public’s attention.  He had some mild success with the movie 17 Again, but his last foray into TV, Studio 60, didn’t do very well and lasted only one season. Last night was the debut of his new show Mr. Sunshine which is a comedy in which a guy who just hit 40 starts to take a long hard look at his life. It has a good cast and last night scored 10.6 million viewers including a 3.7 rating in the much sought after 18-49 demographic. It is the highest rated new series of the season and beat out his fellow Friends star Courtney Cox’s show Cougar Town by 32%. It looks like people might just like Perry in the 30 minute comedy format.

Perry and Mr. Sunshine weren’t the only ones happy with last night’s ratings. American Idol went to San Francisco for the last stop of its audition phase of the show and saw their ratings jump by 11% over last week. They are up to 23.7 million viewers and easily won the night. The number is down form past seasons, but it seems to be slowly, steadily rising again. I have a feeling a lot of it has to do with the headlines Steven Tyler is making and that more and more people are finally tuning in just out of curiosity to check out the new judges and they like what they see. Of course, there are also a lot of people who just tune in for the auditions to see the wacky and bad singers then leave once the show switches to its Hollywood mode so we will have to see how it does in the next few weeks before deciding how things are going.

That Hollywood round of American Idol starts tonight and as it has for the past few weeks American Idol will be going head to head with a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. In the past networks were hesitant to put any show up against Idol for fear of getting crushed, but Big Bang has survived and thrived while Idol has seen slight dips in their Thursday night ratings. Could the Big Bang team actually be pulling viewers away from the mighty American Idol? It is possible.

Lastly, Paula Abdul’s show Live to Dance crowned its winner last night as an audience of 7.8 million looked on. While that seems good, it is down significantly from the 10.22 million that watched the debut and it was the lowest rated of the big network shows. I would assume this will likely be the first and last season of Live to Dance.



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