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‘Real Housewives’ Lost Footage of Beverly Hills

Posted by on February 10, 2011 at 2:04 PM EST

real housewives lisa vanderpumpThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lost Footage!

The Beverly Hills Mayhem continued the other night on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lost Footage. Let’s take it lady by lady starting with Camille Grammer and Kim Richards, shall we?

Camille Grammer –She felt she was portrayed as nothing but a bitch by the editors and talks about a touching scene with her and her friend Didi on the beach; roll the tape! So here it is a clip of Camille and Di Di on the beach, Di Di tearfully thanking Camille so much for everything she has done for her family. Oh! There is your halo Camille, sorry we didn’t see it before. They also showed what they described as the “final moments” of Camille and Kelsey Grammer’s marriage, really it was sad scene of Camille trying to pretend like everything was ok at the Tony Awards and Kelsey letting her look like a fool on camera. Couldn’t have played along Kelsey?

Kim Richards – What to say? She is an interesting lady and I can see why people think she has a drinking problem. Many clips were shown of her babbling on about nonsense. They love to talk about how she is an icon; I’m still not sure what Kim is famous for. Note to self: Google Kim Richards. Also shown is a clip of her and Kyle visiting a psychic where we find out Kim had a fiance Johnny once upon a time and he was murdered while she was on the phone with him. Um, ok…her life really is a freakin’ mess. Andy the resident armchair psychiatrist believes this is maybe why she has issues with dating. Stellar observation Andy, thanks.

Kyle Richards – Her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lost footage is classic! It shows her pulling some skanky lady off of her husband at their White Party and kicking her out.

Lisa Vanderpump – Talks about the “empty nest” and how she has made Giggy her new baby. Poor Giggy has some kind of itching problem with the only solution according to the breeder and vet is for Giggy to be put down, but Lisa would never do that! It is so much better to allow Giggy to suffer instead of doing what is probably more humane. Giggy even makes a cameo on set wearing enough bling to feed a small nation.

Taylor and Adrienne really didn’t have much to contribute. There was one funny scene where Adrienne was attempting to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while husband Paul looked on. Those two are the most entertaining of the cast, more airtime for Adrienne and Paul please!

Other topics that came up were what plastic surgery all of the ladies have had (I’m over it), Kim and Kyle’s strange secret language “Richard’s Latin”, how loaded they all are, how they have had to cut back with the economy (Adrienne flies only commercial now, my God, how do you do it?) and Camille wants to go to South African mines and gather Tanzanite. I think the Botox is really starting to affect these people; they do live in a fantasy land all their own. Don’t fret we have one more chance to see into this fantasy land next Tuesday on Bravo’s extended Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Dinner Party from Hell” episode. I enjoy the ladies of BH, but I may have to send my regrets for this party.



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