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Emily Anne Reed: Old Fashioned American Idol 2011 [VIDEO]

Posted by on February 10, 2011 at 11:42 AM EST

emily anne reedEmily Anne Reed auditioned for American Idol last night in San Francisco and I am digging her old school vibe.

Emily Anne Reed officially made a name for herself last night when she auditioned on American Idol. Of course before we got to hear her voice, Emily gave us the typical sob story which no one really knows if it’s true or not.  Regardless, once we got to the audition, Emily Anne Reed sounded amazing! TV Squad refers to her as a mix of Norah Jones, Duffy and Corrine Bailey Rae and I couldn’t agree more. What did the judges think?

The first of the American Idol crew to judge Emily Anne Reed was none other than Steven Tyler. While Tyler liked Reed’s singing, he says she was not ready. Next up was Randy Jackson and he loved her old school vibe. The deciding factor was Jennifer Lopez who also loved Emily so she will be moving on to Hollywood! At the end of the audition, Steven Tyler asks Emily to play a little something on the guitar. Let me tell you, it was pretty damn amazing and I absolutely love her voice.

Can Emily Anne Reed win American Idol? If I am being perfectly honest, I highly doubt it. While I love her voice, it’s not really what your typical American Idol viewers go for. That being said, Taylor Hicks did win a couple season back so who knows, maybe Emily can overcome the pop singer’s and bring back old school singing.

Enjoy the Emily Anne Reed – American Idol 2011 San Francisco audition video below:



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