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“American Idol” Hollywood Week: The Final Countdown!

Posted by on February 9, 2011 at 7:59 PM EST

american idol hollywood weekAmerican Idol will air the final auditions tonight before we start Hollywood Week!

Tonight the American Idol team rolls into San Francisco for the last of the auditions before the Hollywood round starts. This means all the last hopefuls looking for a golden ticket flocked to the bay and put their futures in the Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson’s hands.

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If the previous episodes are any indicator we will a mix of good singers, some awful singers and plenty of mediocre. So far this season we seem to have more singers who are right on that cusp get through because they beg or cry or plead with the judges than any season before. There have also been at least a few different girls who have gotten through more because they are hot and not because they are great singers. There is no way of knowing how far these people will eventually go in the competition, but it has been entertaining to watch.

Tonight all of the American Idol auditions come to a close and starting tomorrow we get the Hollywood round. This is where we will find out just how good of a job the judges have done.  The auditions can take on a life of their own and realistically we the audience only gets to see a small number of the actual auditions so we have no idea the quality of all of the singers that went through. Now that the show is moving on to the next phase it is up to the judges to weed through all of the auditions and find a dozen or so singers who are good and can connect with the audience.

This is where the judges earn their money. Up until now they pick singers who can carry a tune for a few bars and try to entertain us. Just about anyone can do that? Now they have to find those few in the crowd that have that ‘It’ factor. That is a much harder prospect than hearing someone sing a few lines from a song and determine if they have a decent voice. It is a prospect that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will now be facing for the first time. If they fail to find some singers who captivate the country and make us want to tune in to see them and buy their records it may cause major trouble for Idol’s future. Especially if Simon Cowell’s X-Factor takes off and does well.  I have read that both Tyler and Lopez can opt out of their contracts after one season. If the season doesn’t end well it won’t shock me to see them do just that.

Tune in to American Idol tonight to see the last round of auditions then tune in tomorrow as the Hollywood round gets started.



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