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The Biggest Loser Recap: Valentine’s Day Challenge

Posted by on February 9, 2011 at 6:37 PM EST

the biggest loser qThe Biggest Loser Season 11 aired its Valentine’s Day challenge last night.

This week’s new episode of The Biggest Loser started off with Ali letting the two teams know that they were switching it up. No longer were they going to be The Ranchers and The Unknowns, but instead Red and Black. Jillian Michaels and Bob’s team got to pick which color they wanted to be and they chose Black. So now The Ranchers are known as the Black Team while The Unknowns are Red.

Shortly after The Biggest Loser name changes the teams face a new challenge. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it was a Valentine’s themed challenged. The players are trapped in a room full of chocolate candies. Whoever eats the most candy wins and the reward is that they can trade two players from their team for two players on the other team. There is an interesting twist too – it will all be done in secret so nobody has to know who won or why they traded certain players. Some players decided to stick with the weight loss and ate nothing. Others ate some in order to have a say in how this challenges ends. Arthur ate 35 candies and won. He chose to send Jay and Jen (who he sees as the two strongest players on his team) over the Red Team in exchange for Sarah and Denise (who he feels are the weakest players on the Red Team). While it was all done in secret he eventually confesses to doing it and says he did so for selfish reasons. If his team is made up of weaker people he has a better chance of staying around longer. The rest of his team, and most of the Red Team, are not very happy.

At the first Biggest Loser workout where both teams are together Cara and Brett are a little intimidated by Jillian and Bob, but they workout hard and talk trash about the Black Team spending so much time on the treadmills.  The Red Team ends up watching their trainers more than they workout which the Black Team, Bob and Jillian Michaels seem to love.

At the second challenge the contestants have to partake in several physical tasks. The winners get videos from home.  The Red Team has plenty of swagger going into the challenge. The race will take place over several legs with different events including pushing rocks up a hill while blindfolded and stacking bricks. Right out the gate it is very close, but the Red Team gets hung up on a task and that opens the door. The Black Team wins it and gets videos from home.

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As the teams weight in Jay and Jen prove that they were a threat by losing 14 pounds each. Q, who spent much of last week pleading to stay, loses seven pounds. In the end the Black Team lost more weight and was safe from eliminations. Jen and Jay are worried that as the newcomers to the team Jay will be sent home, but Q’s lack of motivation seals his fate and he is voted out of The Biggest Loser.

In the after show we see that Q has lost another 43 pounds since going home and he claims he is continuing to work hard.



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