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Gamer Robot: Death of Activision’s Guitar Hero and True Crime

Posted by on February 9, 2011 at 5:58 PM EST

guitar hero deathActivision has announced that it will no longer make Guitar Hero and True Crime video games.

Guitar Hero and True Crime are officially dead as Activision has announced they will no longer produce the popular video games. The company claims that the decline in a music genre interest sparked its decision to kill off one of its most popular franchises. As far as True Crime: Hong Kong goes, it has been cancelled (not good enough to release) and the future of that video game series is unknown; for now it’s dead as well.

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Well folks, it looks like the economic shit storm has finally reached the video gaming platforms. While I have never played the True Crime games, I do LOVE Guitar Hero and was looking forward to its 2011 release. The news of its demise is a little disheartening but thankfully, Bulletstorm which comes out soon will cure my video game blues.

As more news of Activision and the fate of its other video game franchises comes to light, we will surely let you all know.



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