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Eliza Kruger: Mark Sanchez’s 17 Year Old Rich Lover!

Posted by on February 9, 2011 at 5:26 PM EST

eliza krugerEilza Kruger is now known by the world as the 17-year-old who hooked up with Mark Sanchez.

Eliza Kruger is now known as the 17-year-old teenage girl who hooked up with Mark Sanchez. Apparently while clubbing in Manhattan, Kruger met Sanchez and the two hit it off. Sanchez (24-years-old) took Kruger back to his Jersey pad and they hooked up. Eliza Kruger is no typical teen, her parents are extremely wealthy and I am willing to bet all of this bad press is not good for them.

You might ask yourself why a 17-year-old (Eliza Kruger) was out clubbing in Manhattan but who cares. Apparently Mark Sanchez has not broken any laws as Kruger is very much legal to hook up with. I am not saying it’s not morally wrong but it is perfectly legal. If Kruger wants to brag via Facebook that she hooked up with the New York Jets star QB then so be it. Her parents should have raised her a little bit better than that to be honest. I won’t be the one to judge though; she had a wonderful time and can now say she landed a star in the NFL.

I put up a poll earlier on the whole Mark Sanchez – Eliza Kruger hookup, check it out here.



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