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Jersey Shore Miami Episode 4 Recap: Dear Sammi Ronnie Is A Douche

Posted by on August 20, 2010 at 2:54 PM EST

jersery shore ronnie magroJersey Shore Season 2 Episode 4 Recap. Dear Sammi, Ronnie is a douche, sincerely your so-called friends Snooki and J-WoWW.

The Jersey Shore drama continues as Jersey Shore Miami returned last night on MTV. Snooki drunk calling her gorilla juicehead boyfriend is the first bit of entertainment on this episode of Jersey Shore. It leads to him hanging up on her in a drunken stupor and later calling, confessing to Snooki that he had sex with another chick. As fun as it was to see the nasty, tan gnome a complete mess, the attention quickly turned to Sammi and Ronnie.

Sammi and Ronnie, the derelict couple of the house, continue their feuding last night. Sammi confronts Ronnie about his late night antics and in-turn is called a bitch by the douche Ronnie. After several breakups and outbursts throughout the night, Sammi and Ronnie end up back together by the end of the show.

J-WoWW’s primary role on The Jersey Shore is to show off her amazing boobs and just be an all around badass. She fulfills this role to the fullest last night when she prances around in some short ass mini skirt and tells off Snooki’s cheating boyfriend on the phone.

We really don’t see much of The Situation, Vinnie and Pauly D in this episode of Jersey Shore Miami. The only time the cameras really focus on them is when The Situation cooks family dinner. Then we see Pauly D and Vinnie working at the Gelato shop, picking up the local girls that walk in.

Angelina stays under the radar this episode, except when she comes out to the trivia session, wearing what Vinnie described as, a “garbage bag.”

Our weekly dose of quality television known as Jersey Shore comes to an end when Snooki and J-WoWW send Sammi a secret letter. The two guidettes go all covert when they compose the letter anonymously from an Internet café. I guess telling their friend that her boyfriend is a douche to her face is a little bit too hard.

Next week will be interesting as we see how Sammi reacts to the letter that was written to let her known that Ronnie is a scumbag.

Tune in next Thursday as Jersey Shore Miami returns at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.



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