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The Biggest Loser Preview: Red Team vs. Black Team

Posted by on February 8, 2011 at 6:55 PM EST

the biggest loser season 11The Biggest Loser Season 11 will air a brand new episode tonight on NBC.

Tonight is an all new episode of The Biggest Loser and it looks like the teams are now being broken down into two big teams instead of groups of pairs. The Unknowns are now going to be the Red team while The Ranch will be the Black team.

For the first time this season the Red team (formerly the Unknowns) step inside the gym at the ranch and work out. Jillian Michaels gives the Black team a pep talk letting everyone know that the Red team is terrified of her and it looks like she is correct. Even Cara, a world class boxer, seems very nervous and intimidated by Jillian.

At The Biggest Loser temptation challenge Valentines’ Day comes a little early. They are keeping the actual contest under wraps, but it looks like it involves Valentines’ candy. The winner of the challenge gets to choose two people from their team and swap them for two people on the other team. You know that people will be gunning hard to win this because it is a great opportunity to, pardon the pun, get rid of the dead weight from the team.

There is a little, potential, mistake in the trailer for tonight’s Biggest Loser episode that could be a potential spoiler. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know. At the start of the trailer we see the teams as they are when they get the news that they will now be the Black and Red teams. They then flash to the teams in their new black and red uniforms. There is a problem, you can see in frame that Sarah and Denise who were with The Unknowns/Red team are now on the Black team and Jennifer and Jay are now on the Red team.

Did NBC screw up and accidently give away the result, or are they messing with us?

We will have to tune in tonight at 8pm on NBC to watch the new episode of The Biggest Loser to find out for sure.



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