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‘The Chicago Code’ Review: 2011 Series Premiere Recap

Posted by on February 8, 2011 at 5:25 PM EST

the chicago code reviewThe Chicago Code premiered last night on FOX and has promise to be an amazing show.

Last night was the premier episode of the new FOX drama The Chicago Code and it erupted onto the screen with some edge, some gun fire and plenty of intrigue. Right from the start this one has the makings of being a very good series.

Created by Shawn Ryan, who previously created the hit show The Shield, The Chicago Code immediately immerses us in a world of corruption, violence and hard choices. At the center of all of this is Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals) who is Chicago’s newest superintendent of the police and she is intent on cleaning up the city and stopping the gang violence and political corruption. Right out the gate she demotes cops, threatens people and sets her eyes on corrupt city alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Gibbons, it seems, knows more about a woman’s murder than he is letting on. He appears helpful, but clearly he is covering something up.

Colvin forms a task force that will be charged with ending this corruption.  She puts her former partner Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) in charge of the task for and he isn’t very happy about it. He tries to explain to her that they can’t clean the city up, but she feels they can do it step by step and the small victories will add up. An interesting side note is that Wysocki has a personality tick that won’t allow him to curse. He makes a point of this a few times during the show. It is an interesting way for Ryan to create tough-guy characters and have a reason they don’t curse.

After “firing” several partners for several different reasons including things as petty as them not being White Sox fans, he ends up with a young partner Caleb Evers (Matt Lauria). He is young, but he is smart, intuitive and seems to challenge Wysocki which we get the idea he likes.

This first episode of The Chicago Code is packed with characters and as we meet them they offer a voice over explanation of who they are and how they got where they are. It is an interesting technique that helps you keep people straight and it gives you background information on them.

Now I will mention a few spoilers so if you are planning on watching the show and want to know if it is good, it is. In fact it starts off very good and has the potential to be great. Go watch it, you will enjoy it. Now onto to the spoilers.

As the episode moves forward Colvin sets her sites on Gibbons and learns that he is tied to the Irish mob. She has an undercover cop, Liam (Billy Lush) in the mob who helps get her this information. It seems that Gibbons has a guy who hired a guy to carry out a hit. They know he is corrupt and at the center of this, but proving it will not be easy.

Colvin is also trying to stop a gang war and through some contacts from her driver Antonio she is able to meet with the gang leaders in hopes of helping them work out some sort of deal. Antonio is ferociously loyal to Colvin. She helped get him out of trouble earlier in his life and encouraged him to become a cop. When all hell breaks loose he shields her and protects her from the gunfire. She survives, but he does not.

Antonio’s death kicks Wysocki and his task force into high gear and it motivates him to start tackling the big cases he was hesitant to touch before. He wants to hit back.

The Chicago Code has started off on good footing. The first episode effectively introduces the large cast and shows us what the basic storyline is going to be for this first season. How they pull it all together and keep in interesting moving forward will be the challenge. At times things seemed a little simple, but this is TV so sometimes they have to uncover things quickly for the sake of moving the story along. The cast is excellent and this show has all the makings of a potential hit.



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