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Lindsay Lohan: Grand Theft LiLo Prison Sentence!

Posted by on February 8, 2011 at 4:39 PM EST

lindsay lohan grand theftLindsay Lohan will be in court tomorrow for charges of Grand Theft and faces prison time.

Tomorrow Lindsay Lohan will go back to court only this time she is facing felony grand theft charges and prison. The charges stem from the accusation that Lindsay stole a $2,500 necklace from a Venice boutique. When questions of her stealing the necklace first came up the story was that it was on loan to her from the boutique’s owner. That seemed like a reasonable explanation because store owners and designers do that kind of stuff all the time for celebs. But in this case it doesn’t appear to be true.

Lindsay Lohan supposedly went back to this store several times to look at this necklace and a ring, both of which she had been considering buying. Reports say that at the time she took the necklace she had $6,000 on her, enough to buy the ring and the necklace. However, the surveillance footage from the store’s security cameras supposedly catches Lindsay walking out of the store wearing the necklace without paying for it.

Tomorrow she will have to be present in court at 1:30 PM where she will be charged with felony grand theft. If she is convicted she could get up to three years in state prison. Los Angeles attorney Steve Cron has said that it is not likely she would get or serve the full three years. He says it would be more likely that Judge Fox (who has handled Lohan’s probation violations) would give her six months for violating her probation and another judge who hears the actual grand theft case could give her more time. He does say that while it will likely not be three years, it would be substantially longer than 30 or 60 days.

Lindsay Lohan and her camp deny the charges and say they will fight this in court. She claims she is being taken advantage of by people and companies for the sake of PR.

Interestingly enough we haven’t really heard from the owner of the store. You would think if he really did give/loan the necklace to her he would have said so and put all this to rest, but that is not the case. The necklace was reported missing and according to sources when police were called they reviewed the surveillance footage which shows Lindsay wearing it.

This may be a very difficult case for her to win. If the footage is clear and the store owner testifies that he didn’t give/loan the necklace to Lindsay she better cut a deal fast or she could see some serious time.



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