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Eminem: Chrysler Super Bowl 2011 Commercial

Posted by on February 8, 2011 at 4:30 PM EST

eminem motor city detroitEminem represents Motor City (Detroit) in Chrysler Super Bowl ad.

There were a lot of popular commercials aired during the Super Bowl. There was Joan Rivers, with her head comically attached to a 25-year-old model’s body. There was “The Force,” the Volkswagen commercial starring a pint-sized Darth Vader. And then there was Eminem’s 2-minute spot with Chrysler, which has elicited a big response for the Motor City (Detroit).

The Super Bowl ad appears to resonate with so many people for its honesty. The commercial features scenes of Detroit, the hard American city where Eminem grew up.  Scenes of patriotism are mixed with scenes of bleakness (an American flag is shown whipping against the backdrop of a steel grey sky). The message of the ad is that there can be redemption and resurrection through perseverance and hard work.

The ad was significant because Chrysler was notorious for having gone bankrupt, like Eminem was known for having been through rough times (the music in the background is “Lose Yourself,” from Eminem’s motion picture soundtrakc). A 2 minute ad airing during the Super Bowl is not usually an option, and special permission was needed (and granted), since commercials usually only have 90-second slots. But apparently, Chrysler’s move was a good one; by midnight 839 people had asked for price-quotes for the advertised vehicle, the Chrysler 200.



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