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Katy Perry: Sweet as Honey on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Posted by on February 7, 2011 at 6:59 PM EST

katy perry how i met your motherKaty Perry will star in tonight’s brand new episode of How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

Katy Perry will appear on tonight’s episode of popular sit-com, How I Met Your Mother. Perry stars as gullible airhead, ‘Honey.’ Perry’s character has many one-liner zingers that highlight her character’s innocent yet dumb nature. One memorable one is “Maybe I should feel weird about giving a stranger my Social Security Number…but the guy’s a Nigerian prince.”

Honey isn’t the character’s real name, but she is meant to be a vacuous character, and so her real name is forgettable. In a behind-the-scenes interview, Katy Perry speaks enthusiastically about How I Met Your Mother, adding, “I would love for anyone who is a fan of mine to watch this.”

Neil Patrick Harris spoke of the “Firework” singer in glowing terms, saying “She’s fantastic, actually. She came prepared, she looks fantastic, she’s funny.” From the previews, Katy Perry looks like she could have acting skills comparable to the woman she is often compared to, lookswise, actress and fellow singer, Zooey Deschanel!

Perry isn’t the first big celeb to star on How I Met Your Mother. Past guest appearances include Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, and J-Lo. Tonight’s episode will air on CBS at 8PM ET. The episode involves Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) setting up Ted (Josh Radnor) with her cousin (Katy Perry), who actually ends up with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris).



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