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Joan Rivers’ Creepy Go Daddy Super Bowl 2011 Ad

Posted by on February 7, 2011 at 5:36 PM EST

joan rivers go daddyJoan Rivers had one of the creepier Super Bowl 2011 ads last night.

There were some pretty strange Super Bowl ads yesterday, and one particularly strange one involved 77-year-old Joan Rivers, who is the newest spokeswoman for godaddy.co. (That’s right, they’ve dropped the ‘m’).

The ad features a sexy model clad in leather, and the camera slowly pans upward to reveal Joan Rivers. The ad that is featured during the Super Bowl only lasted 30 seconds, but there’s also an Internet-only version which runs for about 2 minutes.

Rivers, who is known for having had extensive plastic surgery throughout her life, has since claimed that the body on the ad is hers….despite other claims that it belongs to 25-year-old Tabitha Taylor.

Rivers tweeted about the ad many times, posting, “How do you like that body? That took a lot of hard work-dieting and exercise! And I never once puked up my lunch.”  But Billy Bush (host of Access Hollywood) wrote on his Twitter that it was Tabitha Taylor’s body, who has previously starred in commercials for Go Daddy.

It’s clear that Joan Rivers is kidding around, since the firm, wrinkle-free body couldn’t possibly belong to Rivers. Unless Rivers wasn’t aware of the awesome Photoshop work (as she tweeted, ‘Double? What Double?’)



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