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2011 Grammy Awards: Jersey Shore’s Snooki Red Carpet Live Stream!

Posted by on February 7, 2011 at 5:25 PM EST

snooki 2011 grammy awardsSnooki will be taking her overly tanned body to the 2011 Grammy Awards red carpet.

Jersey Shore star Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi will be putting in some overtime and working on the weekend when she joins MTV host Sway to co-host MTV’s red carpet live stream coverage at the 2011 Grammy Awards on February 13th.

Snooki actually co-hosted this same event last year and was a fabulous train wreck. She didn’t know who half the people she was talking to were, she compared poofs with Miley Cyrus. It was classic watching her ask people who they were.

However, if Snooki has it her way, we may not get that. After all, today we have a more refined and worldly Snooki. She is an author now and her show is clearly the biggest show on MTV. Now, she says, she is taking the 2011 Grammy Awards a little more seriously and will study up on who people are and what they are there for as well as what they are working on. She also says she will work on her interviewing skills. Somehow I get the idea that Snooki’s idea of studying and most other people’s idea of studying are not the same thing. I would expect Snooki to be her normal, clueless, pickle loving self which is exactly what MTV wants.

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I would imagine that MTV brought her back because they want her to ask the questions nobody else at the Grammy Awards asks. This gives them license to be a little bit outrageous while not having the own the blame for it. If she pisses someone off or offends someone they can just say it is Snooki being Snooki and not a reflection of MTV as a whole. It is a great move for the network to get even more publicity for their widely popular show and it allows Snooki to do her thing and bring a little entertainment to what is normally a pretty boring event.

Tune into MTV live on Sunday February 13th to see Snooki in action at the 2011 Grammy Awards red carpet.



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