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Simon Cowell 2011: X-Factor Super Bowl XLV Commercial

Posted by on February 6, 2011 at 7:01 PM EST

simon cowellSimon Cowell will air an X-Factor commercial during Super Bowl XLV.

No, Simon Cowell won’t be playing, performing, or judging anything at the Super Bowl, but you will see his face in a 30-second commercial.  It’s been reported that Cowell appear in one of the coveted commercials during Sunday night’s big game.  He will be promoting his new talent show “X Factor.”

It’s reported that a 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl can cost somewhere in the $3 million range.  Whew!  Better make those 30 seconds count, right?  That’s $100,000.00 per second.  CRAZY!

The former American Idol judge is promoting his new talent show.  FOX network must be pretty sure that his new venture will be just as successful as American Idol has proven to be.  American Idol still has about 20 million people still viewing.  It’s the top rated show on television at the moment.  And that’s without Simon Cowell.  Look, pretty much whatever Simon Cowell touches lately, it turns to gold.  He’s no dumby.  His estimated worth is up there 165 million GBP.  That’s roughly $266 million US dollars.  He is ranked 11th in the list of British top music millionaires, up from last year’s position of 15.  That is all thanks to a 38% rise in his assets this year alone!  The guy really doesn’t need to work.  But we all know how he gets his kicks judging people!



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