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Jennifer Lopez’s Ego: Steven Stole My Idol Thunder!

Posted by on February 3, 2011 at 7:49 PM EST

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez is fed up with Steven Tyler stealing the American Idol spotlight.

Jennifer Lopez joined the judge’s panel alongside Steven Tyler this season. For the most part American Idol producers have to be pretty happy with how this new season has gone along. It appears that the judges are gelling and getting along well and it also seems like they might be finding some legitimately talented singers.  But if you believe the rumors, all might not be so well in Idol land.

Anytime you deal with big stars you have the potential of having to also deal with big egos. Jennifer Lopez is a huge star; Steven Tyler recently said she was an Alpha Female and it sounds like she is not very happy with how the first shows for this season of American Idol have turned out. Rumor has it that she had planned to use American Idol has a way to re-launch her career. It wasn’t too long ago that Lopez was everywhere. She had hit records, movies, you name it.  Things have cooled off over the last few years, but she planned to change all of that by being on American Idol. The show would get her name out there and also give her some credibility in the music world. If she could give good criticism and maybe even help to mentor some of the contestants she could be seen as a serious artist, not just as someone who has talented producers and writers and uses the studio tools and magic to make her sound good.

But so far that hasn’t happened. Why? Two words: Steven Tyler.  Anyone who is an Aerosmith fan probably already knew that Tyler is in interesting, expressive, fireball of a person. There was no way to know for sure that he could be able to bring that energy to American Idol. He has. From his crazy sayings, singing with the contestants, ogling and flirting with the girls to his occasional outburst that need to be bleeped, Tyler is the runaway star of the show so far. Meanwhile, Lopez has come off more as being the nice one. She has struggled to be real honest (although she is getting better at that) and sometimes she seems to have trouble turning people down. Aside from looking fantastic, she has been kind of a bore. And she isn’t happy about it.

Maybe it is just editing and the way the show is put together her best stuff ends up on the cutting room floor. Only the judges, producers and editors know that for sure. But it seems safe to say that Jennifer Lopez is not very happy that Tyler is getting all the press and the accolades and she seems to be coming up a little short. Rumor has it that she is getting annoyed with everyone asking her about Tyler and not about her role on the show.

This could change as the season goes on, but if it doesn’t and she ends up playing third fiddle to Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson all season long, I wonder if she will blow up and throw a fit, or take it gracefully and realize this is either her role on the show or that maybe she wasn’t meant for this kind of show. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out on this season of American Idol.



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