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Jersey Shore Season 3 Preview: Ronnie’s Bloody Colon

Posted by on February 3, 2011 at 5:24 PM EST

jersey shore ronnieJersey Shore Season 3 returns tonight with a brand new episode on MTV.

Tonight’s episode of “Jersey Shore” asks the question: “Why is Ronnie bleeding out his ass?” Ronnie wakes up one morning and his stomach doesn’t feel so good. When he goes to the bathroom, he finds blood in his stool. He and Sammi are both worried so they go to the doctor where Ronnie gets a full rectal check-up on tonights episode of Jersey Shore Season 3. At least he keeps his sense of humor as he quips, “At least buy me dinner first Doc.”

Aside from Ronnie’s troubled ass Snooki meets a guy, but she has some trouble figuring out if he is engaged or not. Pauly D makes peace with a long time enemy and Ronnie’s hard partying starts to take a toll on his relationship as well as his body.

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You know some drama is going to go down . . . well because it is “Jersey Shore,” but also because the title of this week’s episode is “Should We Just Break Up?” It looks like Ronnie and Sammi’s whirlwind Jersey Shore romance might be coming to an end. You know if that happens it won’t be a simple goodbye as they wish each other well.

Tune in tonight to check out Snooki’s potential new man, Pauly D’s peace offering and Ronnie’s bleeding ass. It all goes down at tonight at 10pm on MTV.



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