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John Wayne’s Secret Career

Posted by on February 3, 2011 at 2:32 PM EST

john wayne schulzAmerican Idol contestant John Wayne Schulz has a secret!

John Wayne Schulz, a recent contestant on American Idol, has had his time in the spotlight.  In fact, at the age of 14, he recorded an album, which had such success that one of his songs was nominated for 7 Grammies! This fact was not-so-cleverly omitted by American Idol producers, who attempted to pawn him off as an innocent country hick, a diamond in the rough.

The judges of American Idol appeared taken aback and impressed with Schulz’s singing skills; newbie judge Jennifer Lopez expressed admiration when the cowboy performed “Faith,” emphasizing how she could feel the sincerity in John’s singing. Ryan Seacrest also exchanged laughs with John’s father, who took great pride in his son’s macho-ness. When Seacrest joked about not being happy with a son so manly, the father pointedly said, “You wouldn’t be the way you are if you were my son!”

The CEO of John Wayne Schulz’s past record label explained that the 23-year-old Southerner had only released one album, and that his religious faith prevented him from staying in the spotlight long. “He’s of Mormon faith, and he had to go on his church mission. He was gone for two years, and we just weren’t able to reconnect once he returned,” CEO Frank Wilson told Billboard.com.

Well aint that something!



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