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Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Single Cover Art!

Posted by on February 3, 2011 at 1:59 PM EST

lady-gagaLady Gaga’s newest single “Born This Way” is causing madness on Twitter.

Lady Gaga will be releasing the single Born This Way on February 13th. Gaga fans have become restless as they have gotten GagaSingleCover to trend on Twitter. The Little Monsters cult following hopes that by getting the phrase to trend, Lady Gaga will release the cover art for her newest single. What do you think; will Gaga give in and release the cover?

Something tell me that with this Twitter craze happening right now, Lady Gaga might release the Born This Way single cover art sooner than February 13th. Keep in mind this is going to be the first single off her highly anticipated album, also entitled “Born This Way” which has a March release date.

Are you a Lady GaGa fan eagerly awaiting the Born This Way single and cover art for the single? Head on over to Twitter and tweet GagaSingleCover to keep the trend alive. If Gaga releases the cover art for her new single, make sure you check back as I will post it.

UPDATE: Here it is, the official Lady Gaga “Born This Way” single cover art:

lady gaga born this way single cover



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