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Steven Tyler’s Apology: No More F Bomb on Idol!

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 8:37 PM EST

steven tylerThe big American Idol apology aired tonight and it regards Steven Tyler’s use of the F-bomb last week.

Steven Tyler’s big apology aired at beginning of tonight’s American Idol. What prompted FOX to issue the apology on behalf of Tyler? Apparently his use of “f**k” last week rubbed someone the wrong way. WOW! A rock star dropped an f-bomb that was actually quite funny in the way it was used. Get a grip FOX, there is no need for an apology for that and I surely hope you don’t kick Steven Tyler off the show because of it.

Out of all the judges on the new and improved American Idol, Steven Tyler is the one I tune in to watch. Albeit it some of his comments to the younger girls creep me out but he is funny. You got your point across tonight with the meaningless apology and I hope this nonsense is dropped. Leave Steven Tyler be and if the “rock star” happens to drop an F-Bomb…use your little censor and edit it out.



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