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Live to Dance: Paula Abdul’s Final Performance!

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 7:22 PM EST

live to dancePaula Abdul’s new show Live To Dance will air its final performance round tonight.

Live to Dance, Paula Abdul’s flop dancing competition will airs its final performance round tonight on CBS. I almost forgot that it was on tonight…you know with all of the buzz surrounding that other show (American Idol). Next week the “Live To Dance” finale will air, which will most likely be forgotten as well.

Regardless of the American Idol buzz, I am sure Paula Abdul and Live To Dance have some fans out there. Granted they are most likely friends and family of the contestants but fans nonetheless. Tonight will mark the final performance round as we head into the finale next week. One more finalist will be picked tonight and then the winner will be chose LIVE next Wednesday night on the Live To Dance finale.

As of tonight’s final performance round, these are the “Live To Dance” finalists: The Vibe, D’Angelo & Amanda, White Tree Fine Art, Twitch and Dance Town Chaos. Might I add that three out of the five finalists are from Miami, Florida!

I will be rooting for D’Angelo & Amanda as they are amazing dancers at such a young age. Make sure you tune tonight to show your support when Live To Dance airs at 8|7c on CBS.



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  1. to Tim: I am not a friend or family to any of the contestants on LTD and I LOVE the show. But I guess you’re entitled to your opinion. The ratings would be fine for LTD if it did not get the bum deal of being up against Idol. I hope CBS will bring it back next year because it is a charming show…the world could use more of Paula’s positive attitude.

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