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Halle Berry Rage Fest: Baby Nahla, Gabriel Aubry, Kim Kardashian

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 7:03 PM EST

halle berryHalle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are in the middle of a nasty custody battle.

When Halle Berry and the father of her child Gabriel Aubry broke up it sounded like the two would be mature about it and handle things in a way where they could deal with custody of the baby and remain civil. Apparently that is not going to happen.

Drama has been growing over the last few months stemming from a coming custody battle over their child.  Halle Berry has agreed to fight hard and has pulled out of an upcoming movie so she can prepare for the upcoming court battle.

The two split back in April of 2010. Reports are that Aubry shares custody of the baby, Nahla. On December 30th he filed court papers to be formally recognized as the baby’s father and seeking joint legal and physical custody. Meanwhile Halle Berry is said to have serious concerns over her daughter’s well-being when she is in Gabriel Aubry’s care for any extended period of time.  Berry’s rep has said that Berry has attempted to resolve the custody issues with Aubry, but that he is not co-operating so she has no other option but to turn to the courts.

Radar online has reported that Berry was has gone into jealous rages over Aubry seeing other women (Kim Kardashian?!) and that she has left him numerous angry, crazy voicemails and emails. What it seems to have become is a case of he said, she said. Berry claims that her daughter is afraid of Aubry and cries hysterically when he comes to pick her up for his visits. Aubry says that is false and that Berry is making things up.

Supposedly the emails and voicemails that Aubry has paint Halle Berry in a bad light. He is not going to release them now because he wants to save them for a looming court battle. Sources say that these things, if played and shown in court will paint Halle Berry in a very bad light. Berry, on the other hand, claims to have proof that Aubry put the baby in harm’s way last August when the three were in London and South Africa.

It could be easy to say this is just about money. Gabriel Aubry is successful, but nothing like Berry is and she would likely have to pay him a nice chunk of child support if her were granted legal custody. However, I have a feeling that might not be the case. I think we may have a case of two beautiful, successful people who are used to getting their way suddenly not having that happen and they don’t like it.  Hopefully, for the sake of their daughter, they can work their issues out and figure out a way to get along.



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