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Comedy Central David Hasselhoff Roast Hosted By Seth MacFarlane

Posted by on August 16, 2010 at 5:34 PM EST

david hasselhoffSunday evening, Comedy Central aired their roast of David Hasselhoff hosted by Seth MacFarlane.

David Hasselhoff is an iconic figure that is known around the globe for both his acting career and musical talent. In a Comedy Central Roast special, we have celebrities such as Pamela Anderson get behind the mic and poke fun at “The Hoff.”

Seth MacFarlane hosted the Roast of David Hasselhoff on Comedy Central and had nothing but kind words to speak about David. For example, Seth opened up with: “How do you make jokes about a joke? How do you embarrass a man who so thoroughly embarrasses himself? How do you put someone down when they are already laying shirtless on the floor?” Grab “The Hoff” some tissues because he has an hour of this verbal abuse left.

As much as I like Pamela Anderson’s boobs, the very sound of her voice makes my ears bleed a little bit. Here is what Pam had to say about Hasselhoff at the roast: “David, I have to say, when I saw the video of you lying on the floor — drunk, broken down, cheeseburger meat falling from your mouth — I felt so sad. For that cow.”

Hasselhoff aka “The Hoff” is mostly known for two popular television shows, which aired during the 80’s. He played Michael Knight in the hit show “Knight Rider” as well as Mitch Buchanon in the bikini-infested show “Baywatch.”

While “Knight Rider” is just as big an icon of television, “Baywatch” not only yielded “The Hoff” but it gave us the wonderful Pamela Anderson. As much I’d like to say that it was Hasselhoff’s burly chest hair that did it for me on “Baywatch,” I can’t deny that it was Pamela Anderson’s amazing personal flotation devices on her chest that kept me coming back for more.

After the “The Hoff” wore out the “Knight Rider” leather jacket and bright orange “Baywatch” lifeguard buoy, it was time for a music career. Honestly, I have heard Hasselhoff’s music and it is god-awful. For some strange reason though, people around the globe listen to and support David’s lack of talent as a recording artist.

Hasselhoff also spent four years as a judge on the hit TV show “America’s Got Talent.” Sadly enough after his contract ended he was not asked to come back. Howie Mandel replaced his spot on the judging panel.

As does every celebrity in Hollywood, “The Hoff” has dealt with personal battles. Alcoholism was his flavor of choice and after a controversial video of him drunk was released onto the Internet by his daughter, David has straightened up his act.

We wish “The Hoff” the best of luck on his road to recovery for alcoholism.



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