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The Biggest Loser Recap: Goodbye Immunity!

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 5:41 PM EST

jillian-michaelsThe Biggest Loser aired a brand new episode last night in which the Unknowns return to the Ranch.

As this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser starts we pick up where we left off last week with The Ranch team about to weigh in. The news is out that the Unknowns, now through with their four weeks of immunity for choosing the new trainers, are returning to The Ranch, yet they will remain a separate team. Everyone is excited, but a little nervous because now they could face elimination.

As The Ranch gets ready for the return of The Unknowns Bob puts his team through a pretty rough circuit training workout.  Jennifer and Jay return to The Ranch first having spent a week with The Unknowns and weigh in. Jen lost six pounds and Jay lost nine. They are happy about their weight loss, but are glad they chose Bob and Jillian Michaels over The Unknown trainers. As the rest of the group continues to weigh in the shocker hits when Don and Irene step on the sale and they both gain six pounds. Irene then says she did it for Don because he wanted to go home and Don finally admits that he does want to leave and he did try to gain weight so he could get voted off. Bob and Jillian hope he has learned a lesson and they seem sad, but not surprised. There is a quick vote and Don is sent home.

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The Unknowns return and everyone finds out that the teams will be competing head to head. The Ranch team is impressed by how much weight The Unknowns have lost. Ali gives The Ranch team a challenge. Last week they lost a total of 48 pounds. If they lose more than that this week they all have immunity. This seems to fire the group up.

Along with The Unknowns, trainers Cara and Brett arrive at The Ranch. They admit to being a little intimidated by Bob and Jillian, but keep their focus. As The Ranch team watches The Unknowns workout they know they are in for some serious competition.

The Biggest Loser challenge this week has each team of two contestants putting weights on other teams’ scales. Once a team has 500 pounds on their scale they are eliminated. Rulon and Justin win the challenge and feel a little guilty since it is the first time they have won an individual thing and not as a team.

As the weigh-ins start The Ranch team is nervous about beating the previous week’s numbers, but they end up doing it easily with a total loss of 63 pounds. Their entire team is now safe. It is time for The Unknowns to get on the scale for the first time where someone will be eliminated.  Everyone does well and even though the red team loses in the double digits, they fall below the yellow line so the team must decide to send home either Q or Larialmy. Q and Larialmy talk and they decide that he needs to stay on the ranch more than she does. The team forces Q to promise to his wife and them that he will give it everything he has if they keep him around. He makes the promise and they vote to keep him so Larialmy is sent home.

In the Biggest Loser after show we see that Larialmy has lost 75 pounds and has started jogging. Don has lost 87 pounds. After going home he and Dan started hitting the gym regularly to work out. It looks like he has learned from his time at The Ranch and applied it.



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