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Lindsay Lohan: Jewel Thief Extraordinaire

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 2:57 PM EST

lindsay lohan jailLindsay Lohan can add Jewel Thief Extraoridaire to her long list of talents.

Lindsay Lohan never fails to keep gossip writers happy with plenty of stints in rehab, scandals, and sleazy shenanigans. But this time she may be involved in a serious crime…this time, the fallen actress has been accused of stealing a piece of jewellery worth $2500. If Lohan did indeed commit the crime, it would be considered grand theft.

Now, even though Lindsay has had hard times, the woman has money. But maybe she’s been hanging out with Winona Ryder or some other celeb with sticky fingers. Grand theft is no joke, and let’s not forget that Lindsay Lohan is still fighting allegations of assault with that worker at the Betty Ford clinic.

The theft occurred on January 22nd, and the owner of the store had reported the incident to the police, with footage of Lohan wearing the stolen necklace. It was only when police were about to issue a warrant that one of Lindsay’s “associates” returned the necklace in question. Unfortunately for Lohan, that doesn’t get her off the hook so easily.

An LAPD spokeswoman has said, “The case is currently under investigation…It’s still ongoing.” Sooo, if the store owner decides to press charges, Lindsay Lohan’s probation would most likely be in violation, and that means more time behind bars. My guess is that the store owner might get a lot more money than the $2500 that necklace was worth just for not pressing charges!



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