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Holly’s World Recap: Holly Madison vs. Crystal Harris Playboy Battle!

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 1:55 PM EST

holly madisonHolly’s World aired a new episode in which Holly Madison tackles the recent Hugh Hefner engagement to Crystal Harris.

Holly Madison (Holly’s World) gave it all to Hugh Hefner ‘Hef’ for 7 years and he never put a ring on it. Then two years after their 2008 breakup, he did! But it wasn’t on Holly’s finger, but that of 24 year old Playboy playmate Crystal Harris. Holly’s friends let her know about the engagement after they read it on twitter, but she doesn’t really say how she feels about it. She knows everyone is waiting to hear what she has to say on this bit of news and she decides to go see Hef before making any public statements.

Holly takes a trip to Los Angeles and the Playboy Mansion to check out the situation and her first stop is to see Mary O’Connor, Hef’s personal secretary.  She finds out although Hef was upset when she left, he is truly happy with Crystal and Mary feels she is a good fit for him. Well crap. That’s not what you want to hear, you are hoping she is going to say Crystal is just a gold digging tramp. After this disappointing news Holly heads out back to see all of the animals. While Holly is hanging out with her buddy Coco, Hef walks up and they exchange a hug, he asks about the show, they shuffle around looking awkward and then she congratulates him on his engagement. After some idle chat about Hef’s new quieter life, Holly Madison goes ahead and says what we are all thinking, that she knows it is awkward but she wanted to come see him and make sure he is happy. Hef tells her he doesn’t want it to be awkward, that she is welcome there anytime (uh, might want to ask the future Mrs. Hefner about that).

Hugh Hefner and Holly go inside to check out a gift Holly had ordered for Hef two years ago before their breakup, a model of the house he grew up in Chicago. Seeing the detail that went into this house shows how much she really cared for Hef. As they finish looking the house over, Crystal Harris comes down the stairs to greet Holly. The three of them chat comfortably for a few minutes and then Hef and Crystal go off to work together and Holly goes back to Vegas.

As a picture montage of her and Hef’s time together plays on the most recent Holly’s World episode(for the guys, a nice shot of Holly jogging braless), Holly admits she loved her time at the mansion but she’s glad she left and has moved on. She HAS managed to make something of herself, Kendra is still in spotlight mostly because of Hank Baskett and Bridget Marquardt, I have no idea what she is up to. Even with her success, I think we all know Hef getting engaged it still hurts just a little bit.



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