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American Chopper Senior vs. Junior Recap: Orange County Choppers Foreclosure

Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 11:28 AM EST

orange county choppersAmerican Chopper Senior vs. Junior aired its ‘Foreclosure’ episode this past Monday on Discovery Channel.

American Chopper aired a brand new episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior this past Monday in which they dealt with the Orange County Choppers foreclosure ordeal. Paul Teutul Jr. also has to deal with the new lawsuit that his father, Paul Teutul Sr. has filed against him, Paul Jr. Designs and Joe Puliafico. Amidst all of the drama, both OCC (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) and PJD (Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company) make custom choppers for the two very different companies.

Paul Jr. Designs is hired to make two different choppers for the Florida based insurance company. At the shop, Odie is giving Paul Teutul Jr. a hard time by showing up late and disrespecting him. With Odie slacking, Vinny recommends that Paul Jr. hire Cody Connelly who used to work at Orange County Choppers (OCC). With the way Odie was acting towards the end of the episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Jr. lets him go in the near future.

While the crew at Paul Jr. Designs is working on their two bike builds, Mikey Teutul makes an appearance in last night’s American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior episode. He comes with the newspaper in his hand which has the OCC foreclosure headline. Paul Teutul Jr. has no idea what that is about and makes quite a good argument. He wonders how his dad doesn’t have money to pay the rent but can pay lawyers to sue his own son. It really pisses me off what Paul Teutul Sr. has become and what he is putting his own flesh and blood through. The episode ends with the crew at PJD continuing their work on the two custom choppers for the insurance firm.

Over at Orange County Choppers, tension is high as there are some disputes about the design aspect of the St. Jude’s bike. Halfway through this week’s new American Chopper episode, Paul Teutul Sr. brings in the newspaper article which has the headlines “Orange County Choppers faces Foreclosure.” Being the smart ass that he is, Paul Sr. asks his lawyer how his picture looks, not concerned at all with the foreclosure. His lawyer then explains that this is a typical restructuring of their debt. Basically they are trying to strong-arm the lending company to get their mortgage lowered…and we wonder why our economy is shit. Anyways, OCC finishes the St. Jude’s Research Hospital custom chopper and unveils it.

Tune in next Monday night when a brand new episode of American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior airs at 9|8c on Discovery Channel.



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  1. The show, according to the producers, was canceled prior to the Jr./Sr. having the falling out. The new drama brought it from the ashes, sadly.

    I watched the episode too. It’s pathetic how pride will ruin your relationship. It appears that Jr. has won a couple of rounds in the courtroom so far according to the web.

    Apparently the other son Daniel, had a falling out with Sr. too. Oh, apparently after Daniel took over the iron works it went under. They are also getting sued.

    Odie needs to go. He is an immature brat.

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