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Martin Sheen To Control Charlie Sheen’s Money?

Posted by on February 1, 2011 at 7:11 PM EST

martin sheen charlie sheenCharlie Sheen begins rehab at his home while Two and a Half Men struggles on its hiatus.

Charlie Sheen is not just costing himself money by paying porn stars $30,000 to party with him or buying them expensive cars or allegedly buying suitcases full of cocaine. If he is away from his hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” for very long he could cost CBS tens of millions of dollars.

Few shows pull in the viewers like “Two and a Half Men.” They average around 16 million viewers per episode. With that kind of audience the studio can command big money for commercial space as well as product placements in the show. Last year “Two and a Half Me” brought in $161.6 million dollars in ad revenue. With an average season of 24 shows that is around $6.7 million per episode. With the show on hiatus while Charlie Sheen goes through rehab every episode they don’t shoot and air will cost the studio $6.7 million.

But it isn’t just the first run money that matters. The show anchors the CBS Monday night lineup. If they have to go into a long period of reruns it could mean lower ratings and less money from those shows that rely on “Two and a Half Men” as a lead in.

It isn’t all doom and gloom at least for the next few weeks. There are two new episodes that have been shot and are waiting to be aired. They could survive off a mix of those episodes and reruns for around a month before anyone started to panic. If Sheen isn’t showing signs of improvement by then, they may be forced to cancel the remainder of the season. So far they have produced 16 of the planned 24 episodes for this season. If they have to forgo those last eight episodes it will cost the studio at least $53 million. That is a lot of cash and the studio didn’t even get to have sex with Kacey Jordan.

Some rumors are that execs are worrying that Sheen may not return to the show. So far all the bad press he has gotten for his terrible behavior has not diminished his shine. He has seemed Teflon to it. However, if he decides to remove himself from the show in order to focus on his health the studio would be faced with the idea of either scrapping one of their flagship shows or recasting it. Recasting can sometimes work, but it could also spell disaster for the gravy train that is “Two and a Half Men.”

Reports are that Martin Sheen is going to ask for a conservatorship over Charlie’s estate (similar to what Britney Spears’ dad has with her estate). Perhaps he feels if he controls the money he will be better suited to help keep him out of situations that can cause him problems like those he has now.



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