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Kristen Stewart: Snow White and Superman’s Lover?

Posted by on February 1, 2011 at 4:42 PM EST

kristen stewart supermanKristen Stewart is said to be in the running for Lois Lane, Superman’s famous lover.

Kristen Stewart who is best known for her role as Bella in the Twilight movies and for dating Robert Pattinson is making waves this week. Earlier I reported that Stewart was in the running for the role of Snow White in the upcoming remake and now we have yet another movie role rumor. It is being said that Kristen Stewart has been asked to play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman flick by Zack Snyder. What will Pattinson think if she plays the love interest of Henry Cavill on-screen?

Much like I had hoped Selena Gomez to get the part of Snow White over Kristen Stewart, I pray she does not get cast as Lois Lane. If you have ever seen the Twilight movies, Stewart is awful in them, delivering the shallowest acting experience you will ever see. I’d even go so far as to say I would rather see Megan Fox be Lois Lane because at least she is good looking which deters us from her terrible acting skills.

Do you think Kristen Stewart is the best candidate for Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman reboot? Email us at leads@robotceleb.com with your thoughts and opinions.



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  1. Sorry but KStew is a big young and the chemistry between her and Cavill would just be odd. I still think they should highly consider Olivia Wilde or Mila Kunis for the role as the career obsessed journalist, Lois Lane. If they go B-list actress, maybe Kate Mara.

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