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Ines Sainz Sex Symbol at Super Bowl Media Day

Posted by on February 1, 2011 at 1:35 PM EST

ines sainz super bowlInes Sainz heads to Super Bowl Media Day in some rather sexy attire.

Ines Sainz is no stranger to controversy as she sparked the whole NY Jets locker room debacle last year. It seems the reporter is at it again as she is stealing the show at the 2011 Super Bowl Media Day. Usually this is a day where NFL reporters interview players, staff and analysts to get their thoughts about the big game (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers). That doesn’t seem to be the case this year as Ines Sainz has stolen the spotlight.

Dressed in what looks like a cocktail dress, Ines Sainz who is a reporter is actually being interviewed by other reporters! I thought the focus here was on the Super Bowl predictions, point spreads and overall matchup…not a hookerish reporter who wants attention. I guess all of that sports talk could get a little boring and Sainz provides a secondary source of entertainment via eye candy.

With Super Bowl XLV airing this Sunday, be sure to look out for Ines Sainz on the sidelines wearing nothing but a bikini so that all the attention is on her. You can check out Sainz in her “hooker” dress at the Super Bowl Media Day with our Photo Gallery.



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