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Ines Sainz: Super Bowl 2011 Photo Gallery

Posted by on February 1, 2011 at 12:57 PM EST

Ines Sainz brings sexy back at the 2011 Super Bowl media day.

Ines Sainz is working the crowd hard at the Super Bowl 2011 media day in Dallas, Texas. The controversial and downright sexy reporter caused a lot of drama for the New York Jets is at it again. Sainz was quite in a few photographs today interviewing various NFL stars including Chad Ochocinco (Chad Johnson). I guess Ines Sainz learned nothing from the Jets locker room incident judging from the looks of her outfit.

I could picture the other NFL reporters and players getting Ines Sainz confused with a hooker that just came from a funeral, if I am being perfectly honest. Oh well, I guess she knows she has the body for it but she really should have stuck to the tight jeans because whatever she is wearing today is not hot at all.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Ines Sainz at the Super Bowl 2011 (XLV) media day:



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  1. “I guess Ines Sainz learned nothing from the Jets locker room incident judging from the looks of her outfit.”

    Are you serious with this comment? So men have the right to harass women because of what they wear? This article is so disgusting and full of misogyny, I can’t even believe it was allowed to be published. You should be ashamed.

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