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Jersey Shore Season 2 Recap: Ronnie is Creepin and Snooki is Smooshin on Episode 3

Posted by on August 13, 2010 at 4:58 PM EST

jersey shoreJersey Shore Season 2 recap. Jersey Shore delivers Ronnie creepin and Snooki smooshin in its third episode of season 2 on MTV.

Ronnie and Sam continue their on-going dysfunctional relationship. While at one point Ronnie tells Sam that they are boyfriend/girlfriend, his actions sing a little bit of a different tune. After a fight with Sam at the club, Ronnie gets wasted and creeps hardcore on anything in sight. Of course, being the typical douchebag that he is, he then goes home and climbs in bed with Sam, who is unaware of the creepin he just did at the club.

Vinnie, coming from a full-blooded Italian family, seems to fit in well at the Gelato shop. It gives him a sense of home when the Italian owner calls him Vincenzo. While he may excel while working at the Gelato shop, Vinnie does the unthinkable back at the house. After a long night of fist-pumping drunkenness, he ends up in bed with Snooki. Let the Snooki smooshin begin!

J-WoWW begins episode 3 of Jersey Shore Season 2 with fighting words towards the highly disliked Angelina. She also has the guys of the house convinced that her boobs defy gravity. I can do nothing but jump on the J-WoWW boobs bandwagon because they are quite spectacular and do in fact, defy gravity.

Mike “The Situation,” Vinnie and Pauly D plan a boy’s night out on the town. “The Situation” let’s us know that the initials of all 3 of them are MVP. Of course, being as self-obsessed as he is, he thinks the whole MVP initial deal is only right, as they are the most valuable players of Miami. All ridiculousness aside, before they can have their “Boys Night Out” they have to ditch Angelina, who is trying to tag along.

After the guys manage to run away from Angelina, they find themselves in a bit of hot water.In a hot tub full of grenades, something mysterious floats on the surface of the water. It was one of the girls fake boobs that had fallen out of her bathing suit top. This for me was the highlight of the episode when Vinnie said the fake plastic boob looked like a chicken cutlet and that they should throw it on the grill.

Apart from being run out on by the boys, Angelina had a good night on episode 3 of Jersey Shore season 2. She apologized to J-woWW and Snooki for her shit talking and might actually begin to fit in.

Tune in next week as Jersey Shore Miami returns at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.



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